[TYPO3] problem: howto 'append' GET/POST vars to a localized Link

Alessandro Tuveri at at uniud.it
Wed Sep 6 13:15:05 CEST 2006

Hi all
I'm newby at this list, infact I have not received any answer from the  
italian list.

The problems is simple, but I cant find any solution.

For a localized site, suppose in two languages (default= italian,  
second= english) if I use the TS script from TSref manual  
(lib.langmenu) all works fine.

The urls of a certain page are modified from TS adding the string  
'&L=0' or '&L=1' at the end.

When the destination page requires some parameters (e.g. when the  
destination page is the detail page for TT_NEWS) and in THAT page you  
put the menu (ita | eng) you will see that the link doesn't 'pass  
forward' piVars (GET/POST).

So that if you want localize THAT page, when you attempt to switch  
from a language to another you'll receive back 'no_idgiven' or similar.

There is any TS or PHP to resolve this?!? Thank you very much...


SEMEL (SErvizio di Messaging ELettronico) - CSIT -Universita' di Udine

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