[TYPO3] Menu Question/Template

Strader, William A. WILLIAM.A.STRADER at saic.com
Tue Sep 5 18:01:28 CEST 2006

Question: Is there a template/Extension out there that would allow me to
have 2 separate menu area's?  Like I want to have 1 list of menu's across
the top and then a separate menu listing on the left?

Also where is a good place to download/get TemplaVoila templates?  I am
trying to find a good layout for our site and right now all I have found
that I like the feel of was the zenlight 2 col layout... But it doesn't take
advantage of large resolutions... So... I dunno just looking to find the
right feel for a template.

Billy Strader
WebPool Pager: 865-417-5622
Work: 865-425-5178
Pager: 865-417-5012

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