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Mario Matzulla mario.melanie at arcor.de
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Hi Billy,

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>  Yeah I found Calendar Base after doing some search and I like the
> format...
> Just one problem I am having... We have a site, we are in EST... however my
> server lives in CST... So whenever I put say "Closed for labor day" with a
> date (no time) it subtracts 1 hour and it is appearing on the 3rd instead
> of
> the 4th... Any suggestions about this??
That is a typo3 bug and not related to cal. We store every value as a timestamp, but if you use the backend the re is a JS that manipulates the entries. There is a patch for it in the bugtracker by Bernhard Kraft I think. I will post a link in the calendar newsgroup this evening (+10h).

> Billy S.
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> Hi Billy,
> Strader, William A. schrieb:
> > Is there anyway in any of the Calendar Extensions to have the calendar
> look
> > at another DB (a MS SQL DB) and put things on the calendar that are in
> that
> > other DB?  I tell it what the Start Time field is, End Time and all
> that fun
> > stuff?
> Calendar Base does that - if you write a service that knows where to 
> look for those fields. Have a look at "cal_tt_news_service".
> Regards,
> Mario
> > 
> > Thanks,
> >  
> > Billy Strader
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