[TYPO3] getting my head around FE user accounts

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Tue Sep 5 08:25:20 CEST 2006

Hi Dmitry


Cate & Peter wrote:

> I want to do this to allow people setting up an account in one area to

> access to more information than people setting up access through the

> public access - and yet I want that second group to be able to add the

> access later if they wish.


Dmitry answered:

>If you have two different areas (= two pages), you can set different TS 

>properties there. It means you can use different initial user groups in 

>sr_feuser_register. This will give your user different rights.


Um ok ... forgive my Homer-like slowness ... I'm not quite sure how this is
going to work. 


"different initial user groups" - so will they be at all connected (ie can
they change their rights later?) or will they end up being two different
user groups.


>From what you have written, this is what I understand:


On page one, I have certain TS properties here
($GLOBALS["TSFE"]->fe_user->??) that define what sort of rights the user
registration results in.. then 

On page two I have different TS properties that define THIS registration's


Somewhere else, I can allow users to select additional rights?


Does anyone have an example of this setup in use?





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