[TYPO3] Moving a site - change in font rendering

PEF xx at xx.xx
Sat Sep 2 11:25:39 CEST 2006

Further information:
- a particular picture on the first server has these dimensions:
    w: 130px
    h: 28px
    size: 0.68kb

- on the second server - the new one:
   w: 130px
   h: 28px
   size: 0.77kb

ImageMagic on the first: 6.1.9
ImageMagic on the second: 6.0.6

For gdlib see below.


PEF wrote:
> Hi
> I've moved a typo3 site from one server to another.
> Unfortunately it has influenced on images generated with GIFBUILDER. The 
> font rendering is different - it's wider.
> The original site uses libgd-2.0.22. On the new one i started out with 
> libgd-2.0.09 and have upgraded to version 2.0.33 without any changes to 
> the rendering.
> Anyone who can come up with a solution?
> Regards
> Peter Falk

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