[TYPO3] Image issue

Daniel Selinger tco at saschlong.de
Fri Sep 1 11:59:21 CEST 2006


in the install there's an option to enable image processing in RTE.
I was confused about that to.
Since version 4.0.1 it's disabled by default.


2006/9/1, Lerager <bent.lerager at dk.ibm.com>:
> I have installed Typo3 ver. 4.0.1, but have an issue on images. When I put
> content into a page text show up alright, but if I add an image to the
> content, even if the pagetype is text w/image, the picture don't show on
> the
> page.
> I browse for the pictute, it gets uploaded to the server, I have tried to
> change rights on the image file at the server, but nothing work.
> My site is hosted by an ISP, but the support tell me ImageMagick is
> installed.
> When I work with images I can't see the thumbnails either.
> I hope someone can assist me, even I'm new to Typo3.
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> Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
> Bent Lerager
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