[TYPO3] Typo3 4.0rc2, can't import extensions, no result from search

Elijah Alcantara elijah.alcantara at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 18:34:08 CEST 2006

Hi List,

I can't seem to do any importing done via the repository, is it down?
on other typo3 installs like 3.8.0 & 3.8.1 I could be able to search &
import extensions without problem. But why not on 4.0rc2? Is there
something I'm missing here? I've already checked the Display shy
extensions, even played around checkboxes & settings, still nothing.

I searched for tt_news, templavoila & other common extensions, I also
clicked on the new Retrieve/Update button, did the search again and
still no go. Help?

Elijah A.

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