[TYPO3] Paypal not returning values to Webformat shop

Mauro Lorenzutti mauro.lorenzutti at webformat.com
Fri Mar 31 09:34:47 CEST 2006

Hi shielsn,

> Has anyone had any problems setting up the Paypal gateway for the Webformat
> shope extension?

I never experienced any problem with paypal gateway, so I'm quite

> The shop sucessfully sends the visitor to PayPal to process the payment.  We
> have configured the return page to be the basket page.  However, once the
> payment transaction is complete the visitor is returned back to the basket
> page, but not to the finalize order page.  As well, no order is recorded in
> the backend.

> We have also set up Paypal to return to the basket URL as well as setting up
> IPN.  Still not working.

> Perhaps we need to add some sort of parameters to the return URL? But what?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would be happy to help you but I need more info about the extension
behaviour and configuration:

1. When paypal returns, you said that it returns to the basket page
but not in the finalize mode: does it return to the basket products list?

2. Is the client cookie cleaned?

3. Can you send the TS configuration of paypal? (remember to hide the
account code ;-))

4. Which version of the extension have you installed?

 Mauro Lorenzutti

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