[TYPO3] Re: [Typo3] fe_rtenews page does not load in XP with IE

John Kallies jkallies at majorninth.com
Fri Mar 31 03:58:33 CEST 2006

I'm having the same issues with the apparent combination of IE 6 / Win 
XP SP2 / rtehtmlarea / 2 different FE news editors (!?). It's the same 
error message as the previous post - "Internet Explorer cannot open the 
Internet site http://blah.blah.blah. Operation aborted"

Going way out on a limb, these are the relevant components in my 
- Typo3 3.8.0
- tt_news 2.2.24
- rtehtmlarea 1.1.0
- news_feedit 0.1.1
- mth_feedit 0.1.4 (required for news_feedit)
- fe_rtenews 1.3.1
- hsapp_longerfeusername 1.0.0
- loginusertrack 1.1.0
- automaketemplate 0.1.0

I spoke with Eric off-list, and he never found a resolution to his 
version of this issue. I otherwise have to force my clients to use 
Firefox. In principle, it's a great idea :) But in reality, it's not the 
quality and service I want to provide.

Does anyone have any insights into why this happens and what could 
resolve it?

Many thanks...
John Kallies

Eric Blom wrote:
> I thought my FE news submission page was working fine until I tired  to 
> access it with Internet Explorer. With that browser I get the  following 
> popup error:
>  "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http:// 
> www.psocdeveloper.com/news/submit/. Operation aborted".
> I've tried
>     rtehtmlarea 1.0.0 and 0.7.0
>     fe_rtenews 1.3.1
>     typo3 3.8.0
> Can anyone confirm that fe_rtenews 1.3.1 works with IE on Windows?  
> Also, can you tell me what versions of extensions you are using?
> Thank you,
> Eric

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