[TYPO3] Quixplorer Upload does not work

Toby Cooper tac at pixelis.be
Thu Mar 30 16:25:17 CEST 2006

Are you trying to upload to a folder that you created via FTP rather than
through the Quixplorer? 

If that is the case the behaviour you see is normal, the webserver user and
ftp user are usually not the same and therefore don't have access to each
others ressources. 

You can either set the folder to 777 by FTP, then back to 775 via
Quikplorer, or create the folder directly through Quixplorer.


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Robert Markula wrote:
> Hi,
> With the latest version of t3quixplorer (v.1.6) the upload does not 
> work. The upload icon is simply greyed out.
> The permissions are set to 775, where 'group' is the webserver, so 
> this should not be any problem. Besides, upload doesn't even work with 
> 777 on a folder.
> Does anybody know a solution to enable the upload function again?
> Regards,
> Ro

If you have defined a folder/transferred files using FTP they have different
user and user rights. You can't upload to folder, which has done using FTP
except it is write enabled for everybody using FTP.

The same concerns revers folders/files which have done/transferred using
Quixplorer sets/uses the same rights as the default file browser of typo3.
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