[TYPO3] Global File collaboration possible?

Marc Labitzky MLabitzky at iavi.org
Wed Mar 29 18:52:47 CEST 2006


I am new to Typo3. We are currently evaluating typo3 to use it to
replace our current backend to populate our Website and Intranet. On
that end Typo3 will work fine. 
But what's also important is whether typo3 is capable to offer file
collaboration tools. Right now we are using a local drive on the shared
network to share files throughout the organization. As this function is
not giving us any control over who posts what, we would like to move
those files to an online repository for file collaboration.

Could something like this be implemented with typo3? And how could
offices in other countries benefit from such a feature, especially when
they are on low bandwidth connections?

Best Regards,

Marc Labitzky

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