[TYPO3] Only Selected Category using CATMENU in tt_news

Surajit surajit at srijan.in
Tue Mar 28 09:58:23 CEST 2006

Hi List,

I am using "CATMENU" feature of tt_news.
Currently I am getting a structure like below:

- Cat1 [ID=1]
  -- Sub Cat 1A [ID=2]
  -- Sub Cat 1B [ID=3]
- Cat2 [ID=4]
  --- Sub Cat 2A [ID=5]
But, I want to display only Sub Categories , i.e. ID 2,3 & 5.
- OR -
more easier structure
- Cat1 [ID=1]
- Cat1 [ID=2]
- Cat1 [ID=3]

But, I want to display only Categories , i.e. ID 1 & 2 only
How to achieve this? Please explain.

Srijan Technologies, India.

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