[TYPO3] typo3_rc2 installing extension

Francesco Pessina typo3news at yahoo.it
Mon Mar 27 19:00:10 CEST 2006

I have the same problem, just followed your suggestion but still no 
extension from look up.. May be problem due to network traffic? I have 
also changed the mirror site, but nothing happen..



Erik Svendsen ha scritto:
> Hello Artiom,
> Check the settings (you probably have to make them over again)
> Check Enable unsupported extensions. If you don't you will only see 
> reviewed extensions (and the review process is in an early stage). Be 
> aware, there can be security risks.
> Back to import.
> You have to Retrieve/Update before you can look up.
>> Hi,
>> I probably miss something small, but how do install new extension in
>> v4.0rc2?
>> When I try to import extension realurl, it says No matching extensions
>> found.
>> any tips?
>> Regards,
>> Artiom.
> WBR,
> Erik Svendsen
> www.linnearad.no

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