[TYPO3] [solved] "Template on next level" doesn't work properly

Christian Lerrahn typo3 at penpal4u.net
Mon Mar 27 09:38:11 CEST 2006

I found my mistake. I was using "entryLevel = 1" which was correct for
the template on the root level but is not correct any more one level
higher where I'm now.


On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:20:53 +1000
Christian Lerrahn <typo3 at penpal4u.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> although I've used Typo3 for a while this is the first time I use the
> option "Template on next level" option. The first level of the page uses
> the same template as everything else but substitutes one of the menus by
> styles.conten.getLeft. This works fine so far. However, when I include
> the template without that slight modification as "Template on next level"
> nor the menu be displayed on the other pages neither
> styles.content.getLeft. What is even stranger is that the object browser
> will give me the HMENU object for these pages but it will never be
> displayed. It's kind of impossible that there's anything wrong with the
> HMENU code because I had this in the root level template before I made
> the modification. What am I doing wrong? Where has my menu gone?
> Christian
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    Mein Leib und Seele freuen sich in dem lebendigen Gott.
    Psalm 84,3
    "Für  Elisabeth  kam  die  Zeit, dass sie gebären sollte; und sie
    gebar einen Sohn. Und ihre Nachbarn und Verwandten  hörten,  dass
    der  Herr  große  Barmherzigkeit  an ihr getan hatte, und freuten
    sich mit ihr."
    Lukas 1,57-58

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