[TYPO3] Mailform in an extension

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Sun Mar 26 22:33:15 CEST 2006


I'd like to have a regular mailform in my extension and use Typo3 to 
send a mail from it. The problem is, that it doesn't work as I expect. 
This is the setup:

mailform < tt_content.mailform.20
   mailform {
     dataArray {
       10.label = Name
       10.type = jmeno=input
       10.required = 1
       100.type = formtype_mail=submit
       100.value = Zarezervovat
     locationData = 1
     redirect >
     data >
     stdWrap.editIcons >
     recipient >
     recipient = me at example.com

and in the ext I have this:

$ma['###FORM###'] = $this->cObj->FORM($this->conf['mailform.']);

(where $ma is marker array).

The form is rendered OK, but no mail is sent.

Thanx for any suggestions

Jan Bednarik

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