[TYPO3] Fetching userspecific FE-output with a script from outside typo3

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Sat Mar 25 16:12:30 CET 2006

Hi list,

does anybody know how I can achieve to get a FE-user specific output 
from a script outside of typo3?
In detail that means, that I have an external application for which I 
managed something like SSO (I simply authenticate with typo3). As the 
application is part of a community page I'd like to include the dynamic 
header part (header-image, main menu and a small FEuser-section with new 
PMs etc.) within the external script.

Any ideas how to achieve that? I tried to setup a minimal typo3 
environment (had a look at index.php), but failed so far.
Converting the application to a typo3able extension is no solution as it 
would take about month that I don't have.

Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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