[TYPO3] TemplaVoila adding header parts -> page is blank

Gerhard Mehsel sparking at gmx.net
Sat Mar 25 13:27:54 CET 2006


I made a website like it is done in the "futuristic template building" 
tutorial. Everything was fine and working until I set some header parts. 
Now the screen is blank, nothing is on the display when I want to 
preview the website.

What I did:

Creating DS/TO, map TO to HTML parts.
Save this to a storage folder
Applied it as a template for the website
Setup some TS for the menu stuff etc.

--> everything nice and ok.

Then I wanted to include some header parts from the html template and 
therefore I went to
Web->List->StorageFolder->TO->TemplaVoila to set some header definitions 
for the stylesheets. I marked the css includes and pressed "save". I 
also cleared the cache.

Now the page is blank. No header parts are included, nothing between 
<body> and </body>

What did I do wrong or what did I forget?

Thanks alot and have a nice weekend,

BTW: what does the "set" button do at the adding-header-parts-page form TV?

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