[TYPO3] Extended Access Control extension problem

Hraklis Karvasonis Hkarvasonis at customit.com
Fri Mar 24 15:22:32 CET 2006

Hi all.
I installed the Extended Access Control	extension (ingmar_accessctrl), 
which enables multiple group access to a page or cotnent, but i have 2 
problems with that.

The first is that when i am editing the page header of a page, the new 2 
boxes about the Groups and Items make the screen much bigger and i have 
to scroll to the right in order to view them.
Is there any way i can bring the Access boxes down to another line?

The second problem is that when i am setting access to a page, the icon 
of the page doesn't change as before, so i cannot view in the page trre 
which are the pages that are accessed only by a specific group.


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