[TYPO3] Redirect Question

Christoph Kiefer kiefer at ifi.unizh.ch
Fri Mar 24 13:50:55 CET 2006

Dear Christian, Matthew

Thanks again for the quick help. Matthew's trick with the symlink worked
well. However, the lines (now with real names)

RewriteCond $0ddis/fileadmin/ont/owl-s/$1 -f
RewriteRule ^(.*/)([^/]*)$ $0ddis/fileadmin/ont/owl-s/$1 [L]

still produce a typo3 error


Error. Reason: Segment "ont" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected!

Although my problems is solved, it would be interesting to know why that
still happens? Maybe there is something wrong with my Apache


Christian Vetter wrote:
> Hi again,
> Am 24.03.2006, 09:53 Uhr, schrieb Christoph Kiefer <kiefer at ifi.unizh.ch>:
>> Christian
>> Thanks for the quick help. Unfortunately, it didn't work your way :(
>> Christian Vetter wrote:
>>> 2/ To configure Apache, you'll need mod_rewrite (if using realurl,  
>>> you'll
>>> need it anyway). Your configuration should look like this:
>>> [conf]
>>> RewriteEngine On
>>> RewriteCond $0fileadmin/a/b/$1 -f
>> This condition will never be true, since people will never pose a query
>> string containing 'fileadmin' to the web server. They will just ask for
>> http://www.example.org/page/file-in-b.txt. Or am I wrong here???
> Indeed you are - you might want to read the  
> documentation(http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_rewrite.html).
> The Condition works on what is matched in the Rule that follows - that's  
> right, the one that follows (for details and to learn why this is see the  
> documentation *hint hint* ;) k, last time). That which is found by the  
> parentheses in the RewriteRule is put into the variables $0,$1..$9 in the  
> order they are found. Thus the following rule will, in conjunction with  
> the preceding condition, put 'fileadmin/a/b/' in front of the string after  
> the last '/' if - and this is where the condition comes to bear - that  
> file exists.
>>> RewriteRule (.*/)([^/]*) $0fileadmin/a/b/$1 -[L]
>> Had no effect at all. I get a typo3 error:
>> Error. Reason: Segment "a" was not a keyword for a postVarSet as  
>> expected!
> I don't really know what this error means - I've had it once or twice, but  
> that's quite some time ago...
> Anyways, this line's probably wrong (at least it's not good), change it to  
> this:
> RewriteRule ^(.*/)([^/]*)$ $0fileadmin/a/b/$1 [L]
> Now the rewrite engine will only replace the request if it can match the  
> whole request, whereas with my earlier proposition it would match if it  
> found even a part in the request that would fit, probably causing you lots  
> of trouble...
> By the way, the '[L]' tells the rewrite engine to stop processing the  
> request if it can find a match here.
> With the line above replaced and the respective file placed inside  
> [TYPO3]/fileadmin/a/b/ this should work as expected.
>> Any ideas?
> Matthew is right, as long as your server is configured to follow symlinks  
> - it's probably easier than using mod_rewrite, but now you also have the  
> code to do that so you have the freedom of choice :)
> Best regards,
> 	Christian
>> Regards
>>   Christoph
>>> [/conf]
>>> Am 23.03.2006, 19:33 Uhr, schrieb Christoph Kiefer  
>>> <kiefer at ifi.unizh.ch>:
>>>> Hi everybody,
>>>> I have the following problem: let's say our typo3-webpage runs at
>>>> 'http://www.example.org/page' and in the fileadmin-director of the
>>>> typo3-installation I have created the folders 'a/b'
>>>> So far so good. I want to access the files in 'b' in the following way:
>>>> http://www.example.org/page/file-in-b.txt for instance and *not* like
>>>> http://www.example.org/page/fileadmin/a/b/file-in-b.txt
>>>> I know I need some kind of redirect mechanism here but cannot figure  
>>>> out
>>>>  which one.
>>>> 1/ Is there a method without changing /httpd.conf/ and purely using
>>>> typo3 or some extension???
>>>> 2/ How would I eventually have to change /httpd.conf/?
>>>> Any help would be very appreciated.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>    Christoph

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