[TYPO3] Code after first header

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Thu Mar 23 20:01:35 CET 2006

Peter Russ wrote:
> Tapio Markula schrieb:
>>> If get you right:
>>> 1st header in column 0 should get an image.
>>> I would try it with colpos and optionsplit. 
>> I put option split for 'lib.stdheader.10.1.fontTag'
>> + hided with CSS links in other headers than colpos '0'
>> Works but should be some conditions in order to avoid extra code.
> Try it with case. It wiil give you what you want.

Ok. I might try (or I be lazy and make just the CSS trick). Thanks' anyway.

BTW. I have still other problems with that site. 1) It seems that there 
is not a good photo gallery. One could work with some bug fixes. 2) 
width="16" height="16" />') etc. work incorrect in context menus. 
t3lib_extMgm::extRelPath works buggy - quick fix could be fine.

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