[TYPO3] Fix for changing the BE admin url

Darren Clark typo3 at cwebd.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 18:21:50 CET 2006


The procedure documented to alter the backend url from /typo3 to a new
one involves alterations to the main source code.


On investigation all that needs changing is the defined value
"TYP03_maindir". In php a defined value can only be done once, therefore
instead of changing the scripts in the source I used the
auto_prepend_option to set the value first via .htaccess file

This appears to work correctly, please see:


Therefore all you need to do is update the .htaccess file to prepend the
file above and alter the symlink typo3 to the new value.

You can then access the admin interface via:


This should improve security as the admin interface could be any url and
not just /typo3.

I'm still testing this, but I'd welcome your thoughts and if deemed a
good solution the documentation and wiki page
could be updated.

Clark Web Development Ltd

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