[TYPO3] Mailformplus and mutlanguage site more problems

Marlies C marliesc_spam at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 23 14:48:36 CET 2006

This is what we did after we got the answer to the question we posted 
the first time:

1) Created an English Form Sys Folder and a Spanish Form Sys Folder 
under 'contact us'
2) Moved the mailformplus records from the two languages into the 
respective folders.
3) Change the starting points from each of the languages with the 
starting point set to the Sys Folders created in step 1)

But now we have this problem:
When I access the form, both seem to work, however when I submit the 
Spanish page, it shows the English thank you page.

We tried a number of things:
1) Modified the sp_solicitud_gen.html file once with thank you text and 
once with none.
2) Went to List -> Spanish Form (the sys folder) -> Edit the 
mailformplus records -> Set the redirect (if all fields are filled out) 
to the Spanish Form page ( I tried creating a Gracias text element on 
this page thinking it might direct there).

Then we have a second problem:
In both the English form and the Spanish form, I have the 'email' field 
as a required field, however for both the English and Spanish, even if I 
don't fill out the email field it still submits, so it kindof ignores 
the fact that I want them to have to fill out the email address.

Anybody have an idea how to fix this?


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