[TYPO3] Upgrade from 3.7 to 3.8

Nick Weisser typo3 at openstream.ch
Tue Mar 21 22:28:07 CET 2006

Patrick O'Hara wrote:
> I wish to upgrade my typo3 site from 3.7.0 to 3.8.1.  I downloaded the dummy
> package and the source package, but when I unpacked them (I downloaded the
> tar.gz packages and opened them on my Mac running OS X) I found that there
> is a cyclic loop with the typo3->typo3_src->../typo3_src->3.8.1.  Is this a
> know issue?  Is there a better way I can get a clean 3.8.1 installation?

Hi Patrick,

I don't know what a cyclic loop is, but for upgrading a symlink 
installation you only need the source package, not the dummy.

You need to change the typo3_src symlink in order to point to the newer 
source directory. Then you need to compare the database with the install 


P.S. Is your webserver also running OS X?

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