[TYPO3] exec_INSERTquery what can I use for the sql NOW()?

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Tue Mar 21 11:34:51 CET 2006

Matthew Manderson schrieb:
> Regards!
> Any clues as to what I can use for the sql NOW() in my exec_INSERTquery?
> At the moment I have constructed it but this does not seem like the TYPO3
> way as I would need to define it every time. With such perfectly formed
> exec_INSERTquery maybe there is a better way?
> $now = time();
> $now = date('YmdHis',$now)
> Thanks
> Matthew

Hallo Matthew,

IMHO there is NO TYPO3 way to get sql-functions trough the TYPO3-DB 
layer :-( as the query always adds slashes using the XXXXXquery.

Reason might be that some of this functions are DB specific. And there 
should be added an additional layer to the TYPO3 DB-layer to the 
ADO-layer to implement that ;-)

Only workaround: create the query by yourself and use sql_query. But 
this might not be "DB-safe"

Regs Peter.

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