[TYPO3] Filelinks - uplaods/media

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Tue Mar 21 09:09:50 CET 2006

Hello Christian Ehmke,
> is it possible to configure Typo3 in such a way, that "filelinks" (the
> files) will not be copied from the origin folder to "uploads/media". We
> want to reference only one file to reduce the administrative work and
> because of secured files.

this would probably be useful.
Because nobody has found a way to do so, I suggest you create a feature
request at http://bugs.typo3.org for this and put the link to it here.

I have a similar problem now:
A file shall only be put into fileadmin/userupload by the backend user
or via FTP. In the backend this file is used as a resource. However the
newly copied file will not get used. Instead the old version from
uploads/media is still taken.
This is bad because
- it has been written by the apache user and cannot be overwritten so easily
- it has to be copied to 2 places
- otherwise each reference to this file on the whole website would have
to be renewed manually.

The question is:
Is there any way in the backend to clear all the uploads/media and
refresh them to get the latest versions of these files?

- Franz

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