[TYPO3] slideshow images wouldn't load anymore

Chris Kievid chris at 3rdmillennium.nl
Mon Mar 20 18:10:57 CET 2006

for some reason the 'slideshow' extension (by macmade) cannot retrieve 
the images specified anymore. The swf itself gets loaded, but the images 
won't. The images are in the right place and CHMOD settings are ok.(were 
not changed)

This swf did display the images selected, but when i started playing 
with 'rewriteRule' of the .htaccess file the images stopped getting 
loaded. So deleted the .htaccess file, but the images don't reappear.

(this occured around the time I was working on the htaccess file, but it 
might have another cause, which howver i cannot recall)

Any ideas on a possible solution or what could be a reason why images 
don't get loaded

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