[TYPO3] MM relation in the FE

Jérémy Lecour jeremy.lecour at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 14:40:14 CET 2006


I'm making an extension to display sdata tables in the FE.
I've made it with the KickStarter and in the BE, everything is fine.

I've made a FE plugin to display my data but for the fields related to
other tables, I have UIDs instead of the corresponding title.

My primary table is "students", my related table is "departements" and
my MM-relation table is "students_departements_mm"

In the FE plugin  :

$mm_cat = array('table'=>'departements','mmtable'=>'students_departements_mm');
$res = $this->pi_exec_query('students',0,'',$mm_cat);

It's working, I still have the correct records from "students"
displayed, but the relation is not shown, I stille have my UIDs

With some debug stuffs I can see that the JOIN is OK, but in the
SELECT I have only "SELECT students.* FROM ..." so it's is normal that
I dont get my titles

I've searched in the "class.tslib_pibase.php" code and it seems that
is is impossible to get those relations with the built-in query tool
and it is also impossible to make some multiple mm-relations, because
the $mm_cat parameter is expected to be a 1-item-only array.

I'd like to be sure that I'm not wrong telling it is not possible now
or if I don't see all the magic that can be done with "pibase".

Thank you for your help
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