[TYPO3] Eliminating extra div around headers

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 22:33:22 CET 2006

On 3/19/06, JoH <info at cybercraft.de> wrote:
> > With the utmost respect for you, as I'm well aware that you one of the
> > most knowledgable list members and posts of yours have helped me
> > immesnly in the past - IMHO your wrong on this.  I'm sorry but I
> > disagree that he is right, let alone absolutley right - especially in
> > this instance.
> Maybe - maybe not ;-) - but thanx for the credits.
> > Some how I think that one line of typoscript (
> > lib.stdheader.10.stdWrap.wrap = | ) is a far better solution to this
> > problem than copying out the whole 1115 lines of setup.txt, or even
> > just the  70 lines that deal with lib.stdHeader,  from
> > CSS-styled-content and then redefining it.
> >
> > And adding all those line of setup in a place when its not needed to
> > accomplish the desired output - I think that possibly would only add
> > to the confussion of whats going on, and make managing that template
> > a hard job.
> Well - this is the part where you are right if it's just one line of
> TypoScript to be changed.
> But let me give you an example, why this is bad style that will lead to a
> lot of problems later on:
> If you do it the TSOB or Constant Editor way, you will always change just
> one line by simply adding this line to the end of your template and setting
> a different value in the end of this line.
> After lets say about 70 changes of different things in different places,
> where some of them are changes to the same section but the admin didn't
> apply those changes at the same time, the TS template will look like the
> following example.
> I took it from a live site we are currently relaunching, so this is a real
> world example.
> I promise to never send stuff like that to this list again, but it's
> necessary to show the problem.
> It's absolutely impossible to understand what's really going on in this
> Template, and most of the stuff is just overhead, since the TSOB doesn't set
> any curly brackets to give any structure to the changes.
> This is why I would always copy the whole section and make the changes
> directly in the code.
> Joey
> And now - the code:


Wow! A fabulous argument in favour of certification ;-)


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