[TYPO3] Eliminating extra div around headers

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 19 18:50:31 CET 2006

JoH wrote:
>>>>I cant remember how to remove the div around header elements. Any
>>>look at the setup.txt of CSS Styled Content, find header definitions,
>>>take a copy of them and
>>>redefine headers in some TS template.
>>Why do you always need to re-define the setup.txt and constants.txt?
>>Or any other files?  You often advise people to do this and they dont
>>need to at all! and it possibly will cause problems further down the
>>line for people.
>>This can be altered using the Typoscript object browser. And that is
>>the correct way to do it!
> Well - you may be right, accusing Tapio for giving bad advice sometime, but
> in this case he is absolutely right.
> If you make a copy of the setup.txt of CSS-styled-content and put it into
> your TS-template instead of including the static, you will have a working
> TS-template containing a complete overview of what is done by the
> CSS-styled-content setup.
> Sometimes this makes more sense than simply editing some properties in the
> TSOB since you might miss some points - i.e clearing a setup before
> inserting another one, changing some registers that are reused later on.
> The major advantage of this approach is, that you will see the whole thing
> and maybe then you can start learning about the "magic" behind it.
> So in this case I would prefer Tapio's way of doing the stuff.
> Joey


With the utmost respect for you, as I'm well aware that you one of the 
most knowledgable list members and posts of yours have helped me 
immesnly in the past - IMHO your wrong on this.  I'm sorry but I 
disagree that he is right, let alone absolutley right - especially in 
this instance.

Some how I think that one line of typoscript ( 
lib.stdheader.10.stdWrap.wrap = | ) is a far better solution to this 
problem than copying out the whole 1115 lines of setup.txt, or even just 
the  70 lines that deal with lib.stdHeader,  from CSS-styled-content and 
then redefining it.

I understand what your saying and I agree that what Tapio suggests 
sometimes makes more sense, especially when someone is trying to learn 
what/where/how to use typoscript with templates, or if its a complex 
thing that your trying to achieve.  But we are talking about this one 
thing that is relatively common and easily done, and in this case I 
think copying all of setup.txt is a poor way to do it.  As implied by 
Wes he knows that it can easlily be changed and know hes done it in the 
past, but he doesnt remember how.

And adding all those line of setup in a place when its not needed to 
accomplish the desired output - I think that possibly would only add to 
the confussion of whats going on, and make managing that template a hard 


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