[TYPO3] realurl

Artiom Lunev artiom1st at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 16:09:37 CET 2006


I have a problem with multiple domains in one setup,
when I go to second domain, it just shows same page but from
different domain. For example, I try to view about us page,
it shows about us page different domain. (both pages have same realurl
name like: about-us.html) So I think the problem some where in rootpage_id?


tapio wrote:
> Artiom Lunev wrote:
>> hi,
>> I have the following error in extension manager for realurl:
>> Errors:
>> No XCLASS inclusion code found in file 
>> "class.tx_realurl_userfunctest.php"The XCLASS filename-key 
>> "ext/cachemgm/modfunc1/class.tx_realurl_modfunc1.php" was different 
>> from "ext/realurl/modfunc1/class.tx_realurl_modfunc1.php" which it 
>> should have been!
>> Naming errors:
>>     tables   pages    pages
>> modname   0    xMOD_tx_realurl_test
>> What this error means?
> Ignore all naming errors - these are just *conventions* - nothing to do 
> with the actual functionality. Kickstarter use certain naming 
> conventions, which it expect to be followed. Sometimes it not reasonable 
> use the naming convention, which kickstarter uses.

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