[TYPO3] Loading TYPO3 outside TYPO3

Andreas Balzer eMail at andreas-balzer.de
Sun Mar 19 15:08:37 CET 2006

derjoerg schrieb:
> Andreas Balzer schrieb:
>> derjoerg schrieb:
>>> Johannes Reichardt schrieb:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> i have some neat functions in my own extensions that use the dbal 
>>>> and other Typo3 functions. But i also have a script outside the 
>>>> scope of typo3 (for a cronjob) that uses these functions.
>>>> The point is, that i am confused how i can properly "load" typo3 and 
>>>> its classes so i can access them from an "outside" script. Would be 
>>>> glad if someone has some hints. Unfortunatly i have not much 
>>>> knowledge about handling classes in general and moreover handling 
>>>> classes with typo3 ;)
>>>> - Johannes
>>> Look at 
>>> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/doc_core_inside/current/view/3/5/ 
>>> and search for "CLI mode".
>>> Joerg Schoppet
>> Hi!
>> I tried it, but it doesn't really work :-/
>> Here is my try.. Can you help me and say me, what i have done wrong? 
>> (i know, it's very unsecure, but it's just my first try..)
> Try to start it over the command-prompt "php -f 
> c:\Programme\typo3\htdocs\typo3wamp\winremote\script.php" and look at 
> the output.
> Sometimes this helps a lot.
> e.g.:
> - wrong paths
> - _cli_winremote is not allowed to be a admin
> - look at the log in the be. Perhaps the user has not the necessary 
> rights to insert a record
> - look in the table-content (phpmyadmin), if the record is created
> Regards
> Joerg
Hi! I looked through.. Well, you're right, the access settings were not 
correct and also the paths..
I changed it to:
/*This file should create a BE cli connection to the user _cli_winremote 
with pwd winremote
  This file is in
Typo3 BE is in

As soon as a connection is set up, this file should simply create a new 
The only id that's already used is 1, so we create the pid 2.

Problem: It does not work, no output, nothing..

(Script is opened via Webbrowser..)

// *****************************************
// Standard initialization of a CLI module:
// *****************************************
// Defining circumstances for CLI mode:
define('TYPO3_cliMode', TRUE);

// Defining PATH_thisScript here: Must be the ABSOLUTE path of this 
script in the right context:
// This will work as long as the script is called by it's absolute path!
//define(PATH_thisScript, $_ENV['_'] ? $_ENV['_'] : $_SERVER['_']);

// Include configuration file:
define('TYPO3_MOD_PATH', 'c:/Programme/typo3/htdocs/typo3wamp/winremote/');
$BACK_PATH = 'c:/Programme/typo3/htdocs/typo3wamp/typo3/';
$MCONF['name'] = '_CLI_winremote';

// Include init file:

require_once (PATH_t3lib."class.t3lib_tcemain.php");
$tce = t3lib_div::makeInstance('t3lib_TCEmain');
$tce->stripslashes_values = 0;

$inhalte['pages']['2'] = array(

     "title" => "The page title",

     "subtitle" => "Other title stuff",

     "pid" => "1"





Well, nothing happens.. I looked in the Typo3 log. If i change the cli 
user to admin (which is not allowed), i get an error. If i try to log in 
as a different user, i get an error too.. ..so actually the script can 
find typo3. Then i looked into phpmyadmin, because typo3 doesn't show 
anything.. > There is no new entry.. So actually nothing happens :-/ By 
the way, the command prompt outputs 4 empty lines and then asks me for 
an other command.. (but it seems to work, because my firewall asked me, 
if i want to allow cli to act as a server or allow internet connection.. 
(i use zonealarm)..

So, what do i have to do?

Please help me

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