[TYPO3] TV : auto-reuse content

wes currier typo3 at wesfx.com
Sun Mar 19 06:23:42 CET 2006


Create a reusable TV content element.
By Wes Currier

  Map a field to your HTML template as you normally would
  Change it to an Element if it is not.
  Change Editing Type: to TypoScript Object Path
  Map and Save

Create a page where the element will reside.
  Hover over the world icon at the top of the tree (ROOT)
  Click New
  Click Page(inside) at top of menu
  Create a title (I use the name boilerplate)
  Select “General Record Storage page:” and choose the current storage page where your TV templates reside.
  Select a template (Page Template Structure:)
  Use Template Design:
    (select design that has a content area where you wish your repeatable content to reside.)

Change Page Type
  Chance page type to sys Folder

Select Template Record
  Select “list” under the WEB module [ WEB  LIST  PAGE ]
  Select the “page” with the template record
  Edit Record (pencil icon)
  Click into “setup”

    Alternate Way
      Select “template” under the WEB module [ WEB  TEMPLATE  PAGE ]
      Edit Setup (pencil icon)

Create Content Element on Newly Created Page
  Create any type of content record on your new page
  Remember the UID of the Content Element
  Remember the PID of the Page

Add TS to Setup Record
  Add the following code to your setup record

     First Method
         ###Reusable Content Element for Footer ###
         ### Footer ###

         lib.footer = CONTENT
         lib.footer {
           table = tt_content

         # UID of the content element
           uidInList = 11

         # PID of the page that the content element is placed on.
                     pidInList – 13

     Second Method

           ###Reusable Content Element for Footer ###
           ### Footer ###

           lib.footer = RECORD
           lib.footer {

           SOURCE = 11
           DontCheckPid = 1

Clear Cache
  Page cache
  Template Record Cache

Issues and Problems
  Although you should be able to move the content element you created to anywhere, I have not been able to move the element.
  The page where the content element is located must be a sysfolder


dieter orens wrote:
> Is there a solution in templavoila to reuse content, other than creating 
> a reference on each page?
> This isn't so convenient for eg footer-text or something you want to 
> have on every page...

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