[TYPO3] Add an icon to a TMENU

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at email.it
Sat Mar 18 16:31:02 CET 2006

Matthew Manderson ha scritto:
>> What i need to obtain is to add a NOT LINKED icon to the right of the
> Have you tried either of these approaches:
> tt_content.menu.20.4.1.NO.linkWrap = |<img...
> tt_content.menu.20.4.1.NO.wrap = |<img...
> Matthew

THe matter is that the image is different for each element of the menu. 
It will be stored in the Media files,i mean the utility in the former 
page header where you see "Files:"

I'm trying to do this but doesn't work:

tt_content.menu.20.4.1.NO {
		allWrap = <dt>|</dd>
		1 = IMAGE
		1 {
		file {
			import = uploads/media/
			import.field = media
			import.listNum = 0
		after.wrap = </dt>|
		after.wrap = <dd>|
		ATagTitle.field = description // title

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