[TYPO3] Add an icon to a TMENU

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at email.it
Sat Mar 18 15:56:56 CET 2006


i'm triyng to modify the menu "Title+abstract". It's the 

What i need to obtain is to add a NOT LINKED icon to the right of the 
link. THe icon is loaded for each page by the "Files:" uploader you find 
in the forme page header, now page properties.
I'm using typo3 beta3 so my menu are switched to accessibility mode.

tt_content.menu.20.4.1.NO {
		allWrap = <dt>|</dd>
		after.wrap = </dt><dd>|
		ATagTitle.field = description // title

The image should be immediately after the </dt> tag.

I googled in the list and i found only examples of use personal images 
in gmenu. I don't need a linked icon, but only an "ornamental" one to 
the right of the header/titlelink of each element of menu.

I know the code to use the media/file :

temp.test = IMAGE
temp.test {
file {
import = uploads/media/
import.field = media
import.listNum = 0

but i don't figure how to nest it in the TMENU.no object above

Any help will be appreciated.



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