[TYPO3] tt_news is not generated

Bartek competent at poczta.fm
Sat Mar 18 01:12:44 CET 2006

I implement the tt_news as it`s shown in the reference as an example:
lib.newsLatest < plugin.tt_news

lib.newsLatest {

   code = LATEST

   pid_list = 96


subparts.newscol < lib.newsLatest

and on the site nothing is shown - just blank area (news_tt plugin is 
inserted by autoparser into template.html correctly, because the dummy 
content from template which is placed between the div where it1s coppied 
is not displayed.When I insert plugin as a regular content 
(styles.content.getRight it IS shown so it`s not a problem with a plugin 

So my question is why nothing is generated and how to change it? Should 
the pid_list point to some another id of a page then i have my news 
(only there my newses are placed)

Thanks for any help

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