[TYPO3] Generate XML output?

Miroslav Monkevic miroslavm at centras.lt
Fri Mar 17 22:07:50 CET 2006


I used xml_contentrendering extension to do that.
To my mind it is quite elegant and flexible solution.

Heiner Lamprecht wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible with Typo3 to completely switch the output format 
> from HTML to some special XML?  I would like to be able to generate 
> pages in docbook-format, instead of HTML.
> As I assume, there is no existing solutions:  How huge would the 
> effort be?
> Background:  We are in need of a solution for doing system 
> documentation.  Some requirements are:
> * it should be easy to maintain the content, even in different
>   languages;
> * best used with a web frontend, because especially the
>   translators are spread all over the world;
> * it should be possible to generate various export formats, like
>   word, html, latex, pdf (or: generate docbook in a first step and
>   create the other formats out of that.
> Right now, the guys use docbook and a more or less simple editor.
> Any ideas?
>     Heiner


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