[TYPO3] Setting roots of paths with config/settup

Michael Nardell miken at inetworld.net
Fri Mar 17 19:59:19 CET 2006

Greetings List :: I am begining to feel productive with Typo3 and 
appriciating the scope and flexibility of  the tool. That being said, 
there are many things I still need to learn.

One issue that I would like to solve is this: Currently most of the 
links in my site that point to external URLs are held in pages that are 
of type External URL. I have told the content writers using the tool to 
create local links to these pages that are just pointers to the external 
   URLs. I think this will help the maintainability of the website. 
However, I would like to make it better. I would like to define the URLs 
  using a variable. For instance, if I have a bunch of diffent pdfs on 
an external server that I want to reference I would like to be able to 
type something like {$pdf_root}/introduction.pdf into the URL field of 
the External Url pages (where pdf_root gets defined in the settings 
field for the site to be www.myserver.com/pdfs)

I have tried just using this approach, and of course it does not work. I 
there something like this that I could do? I have been reviewing the 
TSRef documentation and not have not found a solution in there.. of 
course I may have overlooked something. Any help, or just pointing me to 
the right place in the documentation would be appriciated.


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