[TYPO3] LDAP: how to match groups in AD and groups in Typo3

Francesco Pessina typo3news at yahoo.it
Fri Mar 17 16:20:05 CET 2006

Hi folks,

I use the LDAP extension (eu_ldap), it work fine but I have no idea how 
to create some groups in the Active Directory under Windows 2003 to 
match some groups create under Typo3, so imported users from AD have 
been the right permission to work (in Typo3). I search on the net a read 
many tutorial and manuals, but nothing about it.

For example:
- In the AD I create the groups: typo3editors and typo3admins
- In Typo3 I create the same groups, with typo3editors with permission 
to edit only some web page contents, typo3admins to manage the CMS.

When I import new users from AD, the imported users are automagically 
divided between this groups.

Any suggestion?

Best regards and good weekend,

Francesco from Italy.

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