[TYPO3] Insert Upcoming Events (calendar ext)

Matthew Runo matthew at somethingbig.org
Fri Mar 17 14:49:15 CET 2006

Hey everyone - it's me again!

This time I'm trying to figure out how to inject the upcoming events 
view of the Extended Calendar extension into my template - that is, I 
want it to appear on *every* page in the same place. I don't want to 
have to actually add it to every page - it should be injected via the 
template somehow.

I've messed around with various things that I thought might work, but 
[obviously] none did. I know that this is an advanced thing to try to do 
- and that I am not advanced in typoscript - but I would appreciate it 
if someone might provide a link or example that would get me started in 
the right direction.

I was hoping that it'd be something simple like..

marks.UPCOMING < insert.ext.calendar.upcoming

But of course it's not =\

I'm learning a lot from reading, eventually I'll be able to provide help 
  to others here.


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