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Pierre Rouwens prouwens at tc2l.ca
Fri Mar 17 05:59:08 CET 2006

Hi Surajit,

Surajit a écrit :
> Hi List,
> Some typo3 questions;
> (a)   If we have two sites (domains) www.domain1.com & www.domain2.com 
> that I want to use typo3 with.
> Is it possible to have one typo3 installation to manage both sites or we 
> need to have typo3 installed on each ?

Yes definitively.

> FYI I have two independent websites, and wondering if this is a 
> possibility ?
> (b)   When they installed typo3 on a test area I setup for them, the 
> Typo3 install script needs some folders have write permissions such as 
> 0777 or 0707. This is also similar for some folders in mambo. Question 
> is when this folders are left with 0777 permissions, is there any 
> trouble with security, since anyone can access? What do you think when 
> these folders are left this way? Especially for a normal open public 
> site as opposed to the current one we're working on, which will be an 
> Intranet.

In fact it only has to be writeable by the server, don't required to be 

> Thanks
> Surajit

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