[TYPO3] custom fonts - gifbuilder's ugly pixel fonts rendering

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Mar 16 16:39:23 CET 2006

> I guess css embedding would be the most elegant solution, but I'd
> like to avoid compatibility issues and browser warnings, so I gave
> gifbuilder a try.
> Unfortunately, it seems that even with niceText switched off he does
> some kind of antialiasing which, in case o pixel fonts, is
> unacceptable.
> googling for: gifbuilder pixel fonts
> returns the following snippet from the old (and working) typo3.org:
> ... BACK. How to increase quality with GIFBUILDER and pixel fonts.
> Scenario: In case you want to pair GIFBUILDER with pixel fonts here's
> a short guideline. ...
> unfortunately for some reason unknown to me, Google can't show cached
> content of typo3.org despite it IS cached (hence the snippets).
> anyway, I guess it was some HOWTO which wasn't duplicated on
> netfielders list.
> does anyone know what could I read there? how to make gifbuilder
> display bitmap fonts without any destructive transformations?

It's all a matter of correct format and size.
For pixel fonts always use GIF instead of JPG
Always disable niceText and antiAlias.
niceText is disabled by default so you can just remove it from your setup.
antiAlias is enabled by default so have to explicitly disable it.

10 = TEXT
10 {
    text.field = whatever
    antiAlias = 0

Try to find out the correct settings for fontSize since pixelfonts can be
displayed correctly only in predefined sizes.
There will be only one possible fontSize value for each pixelfont but the
values might differ.
This is due to the fact that pixelfonts are available for different sizes
and font designers sometimes don't care about correct size settings in their
font files.

Don't use any SCALE or EFFECT on the fonts.
So if you want to use them make sure they are used _before_ the font layer
is applied to the image.

Don't know if I forgot something, but as far as I remember this has been
working fine the last time we used pixelfonts.


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