[TYPO3] Mount point problem

Sacha Vorbeck info at unlimited-vision.net
Thu Mar 16 16:12:26 CET 2006

Hello Robert,

> From TSREF:
> MP_defaults: '...Allows you to set a list of page id numbers which will
> always have a certain "&MP=..." parameter added...'
> MP_mapRootPoints: ' ...Defines a list of ID numbers from which the
> MP-vars are automatically calculated for the branch...'

yes it does, thank you very much. I must have read this settings a
hundred times at least but didn`t remember them.

MP_defaults = 3439,2605,2604,2603,2602,2601,2600,2599,2598 : 896-944
MP_mapRootPoints = 944 : 896-944

will do the trick.

Although it would be better if the mount-point parameters would be added
automatically when setting the starting-point of a HMENU to a
mount-point site.


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