[TYPO3] flashvars either malformed or lost

stinky wizzleteet wizzleteet at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 23:47:05 CET 2006


When I add a flashmovie using the default, the flashvars parameter gets 
I found that mambo's expose flash image gallery is as good as standalone,
but for it to work I need to pass a big chunk of a flashvar to the swf:


This ends up in the source as

apparently the second '=' is confusing

Am I overlooking a nifty escape character to force the entire string ?
If I put it in quotes I get "&quote in the source, ..

Then, using the flash extension I found that none of the added 
parameters I can set up in the setup of the page get passed to the html 

I tried to up an XML with:
> <param name="albumsXMLURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/xml/albums.xml" type="string" />
> <param name="stringsXMLURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/config/strings.xml" type="string" />
> <param name="baseXMLURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/xml/" type="string" />
> <param name="baseImageURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/img/" type="string" />
> <param name="baseVideoURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/img/" type="string" />
> <param name="baseAudioURL" value="fileadmin/com_expose/expose/img/" type="string" />

But alas, not even the reference to this xml is to be found in the source...

Bugs or features ?



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