[TYPO3] Problem with (new) CSS styled content default CSS and IE

Gerhard Mehsel sparking at gmx.net
Wed Mar 15 22:00:58 CET 2006


Christopher schrieb:

>> I think there are mistakes with some floats or clears in the default
>> css.
> The fact that it's IE only make me doubt that the root of the problem
> is mistakes in the css. Are you familiar with IE's many aggravating
> float bugs? This may be obvious advice, but start by validating both
> html and css _in the Typo3 rendered page_, and ensuring that IE is not
> being kicked into quirks mode by something like an xml prologue or
> blank line before the doctype declaration.

Yeah you are right. It's not the CSS, it's IE. I misrepresent the 
question, sorry.

I thought that I'm not the only person who has problems with IE and the 
CCS_styled_content with div's inside div's and sometimes it's possible 
to find a workaround for IE.
That's what I'm looking for instead of debugging CSS for hours ... :-(

BTW: The page and CSS are valid XHTML 1.0 Trans with correct doctype and 

How can I see that IE is in quirks mode?

Thank you,

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