[TYPO3] fetchurl and phpscript

Kummer, Markus Markus.Kummer at t-mobile.de
Tue Mar 14 18:08:06 CET 2006

Hi list,

I'm using typo3-3.8.1 with templa voila and fetchurl-1.0.1 extension.

I've got a php script which fetches a lot of records out of a database.
The script generates a Navigation ( 1 2 3 ...Last) and shows 15 records per
I included the script with the fetchurl extension.
Including the first page (.../typo3/site2/id=44) is no problem but all the
others are.
When clicking the links in the Navigation the page is called with the
following URL:
and then I'm out of typo.
What I like to have is something like


Is there a way typo3 can handle that or is it only my script which has to be

thank you in advance

Markus Kummer
T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH
Landgrabenweg 151
53227 Bonn
Dep.: IT BI/TS22
Tel.: 0228/936-33725
Tel.: 06151/852-627 (friday only)
E-Mail: pega.systemsupport at t-mobile.de
        markus.kummer at t-mobile.de 

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