[TYPO3] I thought this would be simple :-)

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Mon Mar 13 18:00:09 CET 2006

> I found an article on the typo3 site talking about putting the last
> update date on a page.  I thought the directions looked simple enough
> so I would give it a try.  I followed the direction and I am getting
> the date value on the page, rather than a formatted date.  Here is
> what I added to my template:
> styles.content.lastUpdate.label =
> styles.content.lastUpdate.comment_auto =
> styles.content.lastUpdate.wrap = |
> styles.content.lastUpdate.format = l, F j, Y
> *SETUP:*
>   subparts.LAST_MODIFIED < styles.content.lastUpdate
>   subparts.LAST_MODIFIED = TEXT
>   subparts.LAST_MODIFIED {
>     data = page:lastUpdated
>     if.isTrue.data = page:lastUpdated
>     data = l, F j, Y
>     wrap = |
>     data = register:SYS_LASTCHANGED
>     if >
>   }
> My question is where do I set the format, since what I did has no
> obvious effect.  Also where can I look to find the format specifiers.
> I expect that the format above will result in a date of the form
> *Monday, March 13, 2006*. Where can I find the list of characters
> that I can use to format the date. Also, I noticed that the search
> feature at ( http://lists.netfielders.de/pipermail/typo3-english/)
> does not appear to work, is there another way to search the archives
> of this list?

data = l, F j, Y
should be changed to
date = l, F j, Y


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