[TYPO3] How can i do to have multiple webs with Typo3? Google search any idea?

Mihai Vigariu mv at sector1online.de
Mon Mar 13 09:49:31 CET 2006

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Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 22:59:19 +0000 (UTC)
From: Erik Svendsen <erik at linnearad.no>
Subject: Re: [TYPO3] How can i do to have multiple webs with Typo3?
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Hello Mihai,

> Hello,
> I have the TYPO3 installed in the root of my online directory. But
> currently i want to create a webpage like
> www.mydomain.com/webpage
> Do i have to move Typo3 in the folder webpage, so that i can create
> the Webpage? Or Typo3 can stay in the root of the www.mydomain.com,
> and from there create the subpage Webpage?
> Thank you in advance,
> Michael.

You can make as many numbers of subwebs you want in one TYPO3 installalation, 
like www.mydomain.com, home.mydomain.com, test.mydomain.com, bike.mydomain.com. 
But what you are asking for isn't any subweb, but a page lower in the pagetree. 
When you are making a pagetree structure in TYPO3 it's really the same as 
making folders in a static websites. Using realurl you also will get the 
right url, like www.domain.com/webpage/, and not www.domain.com/index.php&xxxx. 
You can also use different templates for each "folder"/page in the pagetree.

So you have to know if what you really want is to make a subweb (subdomain), 
or something thats looks like a child folder on your website. Remember, TYPO3 
only use folders for the program, all the structure (pagetree/folders) and 
content are in the database.

And of course you can have the TYPO3 installation in a subfolder and another 
in another subfolder, and configure different domains to point at these subfolders.

But your question tells me one thing, you should read the documentation. 
Start with quickstart, continue with Modern Template Building and/or Futuristic 
Template Building. Take also a good look at Typoscript by Example and TSREF. 
You could also check out the testsite package, http://typo3.org/download/packages/, 
who also gives some answers. But quickstart page 82 should give the answer 
regarding more than one web in one installation.

Erik Svendsen

Thank you so much Erik. I am now reading the Getting Started Manual, for Quick Start package. I really was stupid to start directly with reading the Modern Template and Futuristic, but not knowing very good the basics. 

Once again sweet thanks. 

Do you happen to know how Google searches and related to this whether is better to have a website like this: 
www.bike.mydomain.com or a subpage www.mydomain.com/bike


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