[TYPO3] Indexed search

Borut Rozman jedo at zipp.nu
Sun Mar 12 20:46:32 CET 2006

Hi !

I have found what was the problem (disabled page caching), and search
started working, but then I enabled plugin on other website under this typo
instalation, again, indexing of pages STOPED working and even plugin content
is not shown on the web...
Any ideas ?!"? 

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I tried the word lahko and found three pages.
What is your problem?

Do you know that a page is indexed after/at the moment of caching?
So to find some content first view the page.


Borut Rozman schreef:
> Hi !
> I am having trouble with setting up the indexed search engine .. I 
> have instalation of typo 3.8.1 and 2.1.3 indexed search engine
> I added plugin as written in manual and allso page.config.index_enable 
> = 1 in setup tab of my template...
> pages do not get indexed and search is not working ...
> site is www.szpo.si and search page is 
> http://test.zipp.nu/index.php?id=178
> can anyone have any suggestions.. I must be missing something
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