[TYPO3] Problem with css_filelinks: alternative path not working

Pieter pieter.v at gmx.net
Sun Mar 12 19:50:02 CET 2006


I want to use css_filelinks 2 times on a website: a public part without 
jumpurl and a private part with jumpurl.  Therefore I need 2 folders: 
one with .htaccess and one without.

So, I changed the default path from
for the public part

path=uploads/doc_internal/ (with .htaccess)
for the private part

I have a separate template for the private part of the website to do this.

The problem: files are still stored in uploads/media/ and not in the new 
folders when a user adds a new file in the Typo3 backend.
The 'Browse for files' dialog does not use the new folders.

Is this a kwon problem?  Is there a simple solution?

I'm working with T3 3.8.1 and css_filelinks 0.2.0


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