[TYPO3] troubles with indexed search

Axel Jindra a.jindra at gmx.de
Sun Mar 12 13:17:42 CET 2006


>>>1) I set "startingpoint" in the indexed_search plugin, but the entire
>>>site still gets searched.  how can I restrict the search to only a
>>>subsection of the site?
>>>2) I use RealURl and my page names have ampersend (&) character.
>>>bottom of search results says: Path: /Test & Me/About Us  - how
>>>can I get it to say Test & Me instead?
>>>3) All of my pages have a footer with text links, one of them is
>>>"home".  when I search for "home" all of the pages come up.  how can I
>>>exclude the page footers/menus from the search results?
>>To limit your search engine to a specified range of your template you
>>should inform it that you intend to do so. So you ought to put those
>>markers <!--TYPO3SEARCH_begin--> and <!--TYPO3SEARCH_end--> around your
>>desired content. It should work just fine then.
> Thanks!  1 of 3 solved!  Just two more to go...

to solve no. 1 you may add
plugin.tx_indexedsearch.search.rootPidList = pid(s) of your starting point
to the setup of your template


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